ASP.NET Core MVC – Up and Running Part 2 (.NET 5)

ASP.NET Core MVC – Up and Running Part 2 (.NET 5)

Learn to architect ASP.NET Core MVC Application (.NET 5) with Entity Framework Core as we scale existing project in MVC

What you’ll learn

  • Enhance an existing .NET Core 5 application
  • Modify existing Architecture of Application
  • Learn how to separate out Data Layer in another project
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Repository Pattern
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Toastr Notifications and TempData
  • Complex Objects in Sessions in .NET Core
  • Order Management architecture
  • Facebook Single Sign On
  • Integrate Braintree payment with refunds
  • Syncfusion integration with .NET Core MVC.
  • Data Seeding and Azure Deployments with .NET Core


  • 3-6 months familiarity with C# and SQL
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • .NET Core MVC – Up and Running Part 1 Course ( Highly recommended but not required)
  • .NET 5
  • SQL Server 2012+


ASP.NET Core(.NET 5) has advanced drastically, but with that comes many challenges for a developer.

How do you scale an existing application? How do you architect a mid-large scale project? How to correctly process payments?

This course is part 2 to the Part 1 of Up and Running ASP.NET Core MVC. In Part 1 we built our application with sending inquiry about products that are being sold.

As business requirements change, in this course we will have to add many more features to the project. But with that you need to be sure about architecture to make sure it is scalable! So there will be many changes in existing application, which is a typical real world scenario.

This course will provide you a complete real world scenario which will make you face many challenges and solve those issues as we proceed with the course.

So join me in this exciting course of exploring what real world challenges are and what issues you encounter when business changes their requirements.

We will be using the latest .NET 5 for this course along with Entity Framework Core and Braintree for payment processing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to Architect .NET Core application
  • Anyone who wants to learn .NET 5 and advance concepts
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to integrate Braintree payment gateway

Course content

10 sections • 109 lectures • 7h 21m total length
  • Introduction
  • Code Seperation
  • Repository Pattern
  • Inquiry Details
  • Inquiry Management (Admin)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order and Payments
  • Social Login
  • Order Managment
  • Azure Deployment
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