ETABS Advanced Course Modeling And Design Of Tall Buildings

Civil Engineering: Advanced ETABS Course, This course Contains detailed example of 19 Story Building

What you’ll learn

  • Define the Materials
  • Define the Section Properties

  • Import the DXF file from AutoCAD into ETABS

  • Load Patterns
  • Mass Source
  • Load Combinations
  • Assign Loads
  • Automatic Meshing
  • P-Delta
  • Equivalent Static Analysis Method. And all required checks.
  • Response Spectrum Analysis Method. And all required checks.
  • Design Shear Walls, Cores, and Columns.
  • Basic knowledge of reinforced concrete.
  • Basic knowledge in Autocad.
  • Basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel.
  • You must have the CSI ETABS & Autocad Software.


Most Present day Design is carried out using computer program. This course offers a lucid presentation of the most famous program of high rise building (Etabs 2016 ).

This course Contains detailed example of 19 Story Building and detailed explanation for the most important utility of the program.I used the step by step instruction guide through the development of ETABS model. Also, in this course, we will discuss the Static and the dynamic analysis Methods And the essential checks according to the ACI Code and the UBC 97 code.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil Engineers
  • Students of civil Engineering

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Last updated 5/2018

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