Introduction to Next.js Frontend Masters courses free download

Introduction to Next.js Frontend Masters courses free download -


Next.js is a complete full-stack framework built on top of React.js. You can use Next.js to create static sites like blogs and documentation websites to even full-blown, full-stack applications, and APIs. In this course, you’ll learn server-side rendering, static site generation, data fetching, build API endpoints, creating pages with the file system, add CSS modules inside of Next.js, and much more!

This course and others like it are available as part of our Frontend Masters video subscription.


Some Key Takeaways!

• Difference between a React and Next.js
• How to create Pages and routes with Next.js
• How to fetch data client side and server side with Next.js
• How to increase performance with Next.js
• How to test your pages and components
• How to deploy your static, SPA, or universal Next.js app to Vercel


Your (Awesome) Instructor

Scott Moss – Tipe
Scott is the CEO and co-founder of Tipe and Onespeed. Priorly he was an experienced engineer in Silicon Valley and SF working with some of the top tech companies. He’s known in the JS community for his contributions to Angular including popular open source projects, conference talks, and courses.



Next.js is a complete framework that is built on top of React.js. Learn how to build applications and static sites using the opinionated approaches that Next.js provides. We’ll be covering everything from getting started to deployment and all the basics in between. You’ll leave this course knowing how to create web apps and static sites with Next.js.


Any Prerequisites?

• Basic React knowledge
• Basic Node.js knowledge

Size: 1.91GB

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