JavaScript for PHP Geeks

JavaScript for PHP Geeks

What you’ll be learning

This tutorial uses an older version of Symfony… but since it’s a JavaScript tutorial, the concepts are still 💯 valid! You already know and write JavaScript… or really jQuery. But as JavaScript takes on more of your life, it’s time to take your game to the next level! In this tutorial, we’ll do just that by diving into a bunch of pieces of JavaScript you may “kinda” understand, or which might be new to you altogether! This includes:

  • Event Bubbling & DOM Events
  • The DOM Element Object
  • JavaScript Objects
  • Instantiating objects with the prototype
  • Understanding the mystical “this” & .bind
  • Understanding Self-Executing Functions
  • Delegate Selectors will save your Life
  • Client-side templating

Let’s not just write JavaScript, let’s understand what’s going on!


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