Learn Full-Stack Vue, .NET Core, PostgreSQL Web Development

Learn Full-Stack Vue, .NET Core, PostgreSQL Web Development

Code-along to build a full-featured management dashboard from scratch

What you’ll learn

  • .NET Core 3.0
  • Vue JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cypress Automated Testing
  • Unit Testing Vue with Jest
  • Unit Testing C# with xUnit
  • Refactoring


  • Beginner to intermediate familiarity with web development
  • An interest in hands-on learning by building software


In this course, we’ll build a feature-complete web application for a coffee roaster called Solar Coffee. We’ll build a management dashboard consisting of a PDF invoice generator, dynamic graphs, and an order fulfillment feature.

As part of this course, you’ll learn fundamental full-stack development skills, including:

  • REST API development with .NET Core
  • Front-End development with Vue.js with TypeScript
  • Using SQL with a PostgreSQL database
  • Testing API endpoints with Postman
  • Unit testing with Jest, xUnit
  • End-to-end testing with Cypress
  • Finding and fixing bugs
  • Web application architecture

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate level web developers curious about improving full-stack skills
  • Hands-on learners who enjoy learning by building applications

The course is structured in a good manner. The instructor is slow enough to enable a student to grasp what he is trying to teach. If would have been 5 star if the video quality was at least 1080p.

Course content

5 sections • 34 lectures • 12h 2m total length
  • Introduction
  • Back End: .NET Core Web API + PostgreSQL
  • Front End: Vue.js SPA Web Client
  • Full Stack Integration – Back and Front End
  • Unit Testing and Automation Testing

Created by:Wes Doyle Full-Stack Software Engineer & Cloud Architect

Last updated 7/2020
English [Auto]
5.2 GB (Direct Download Available)

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611 students

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