Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework

Python SDET-Backend/ Rest API Testing with BDD Framework

Build Python Utilities from Scratch to automate Rest API’s with SQL Integration,Batch Jobs Automation,Web Scrapping etc

What you’ll learn

  • Get Complete knowledge on Back end automation with Python which is must to become Python SDET
  • Understanding the API Automation from Scratch with Python Requests Library
  • Knowledge on implementing Database readers to communicate with DB from Python code
  • Establishing Connection with Linux Servers through Python Paramiko Library
  • Implement BDD Automation Framework for Python API Testcases from Scratch
  • Execute Batch Jobs in AWS Linux Servers and download the files to local using Python
  • Integrate the Database resutls to API and build dynamic Json Payloads
  • Knowledge on Web Scrapping to extract content from Web pages for Data science work


  • None- Everything including Python basics are taught from Scratch in the course


***You will be mastered in Python Back End Automation even if you have never programmed before in Python***
This Python SDET course starts from scratch teaching Python Basics and then drive you through many important utilities of Python like API Testing, BDD API Automation Framework, Database Validations,  CSV Readers, Json Parsers, Batch Jobs execution from Linux Servers, SSH connection to upload and download files, Web scrapping for data science work etc
As Python SDET, One should aware of many modules of python to perform end to end backend/Server side automation and this course comes us one single package which explains all the modules from scratch.

By end of this course, You can confidently implement any Python Automation Jobs or clear any interview related to Python testing.

Below is the high level content this course covers :

Json Parsers with Python modules
Read and Write to Json files with Python
API Automation using requests Library
Understand Crud operations GET,POST, DELETE,PUT API operations automation
Parsing API responses with Python utilities
Database interactions  with Python SQL Connector
BDD Automation Framework development from Scratch
Read the multiple result sets of database tables from Python
Integrating Database readers with API calls to build payload
CSV Parser with Python modules
Read and Write to CSV files with Python
Interacting with AWS Linux Servers
Establishing SSH connection to Linux using Python Paramiko
Sending the commands and executing the jobs in Server through Python
Uploading and downloading the files of batch Jobs from Servers with paramiko
IMportance of Web scrapping in Data science projects
Techniques to apply web scrapping to extract content from web pages

Wish you all the Best with your new Python SDET Journey 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
  • Freshers/Graduates who want to kick start their Career in IT World

Rahul is a great teacher! I understand everything from basics to advance applications. Although I do admit that if you’re really a beginner, as in a beginner from 0, you’ll have a hard time, but take it one step at a time and enjoy the journey as you learn.

Course content

15 sections • 78 lectures • 11h 19m total length
  • What will you learn from this course? – MUST WATCH
  • Learn Python Programming Basics from Scratch
  • Read and Write to Json Files and parsing using Python Methods
  • API Automation Testing with Python Requests Library
  • Setting up Global Properties and OAuth Mechanism for API Testing
  • API Testing Request Library Miscellaneous Concepts
  • Build SQL Utility to interact with Database Tables from Python Code
  • Integrate Database utilities to API Test for End to end Automation
  • BDD Framework Development for API Automation from Scratch
  • Read and Write to CSV files with Parsing using Python methods
  • Python paramiko Utility to communicate with AWS Linux Servers
  • Execute Batch Jobs on Linux Servers through Python SSH Utilities
  • Web Scrapping to extract content for DataScience Projects using Python
  • Download the Full course Code files
  • Bonus!! Student Special -Must WATCH
Created by: Rahul Shetty, Teacher/Founder of (Testing School)
Last updated 2/2021
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