Ultimate Electrical Fault Analysis For Power Engineering


Course for electrical power engineering student who wants to analyze faults in electric power system.

Welcome to our course for ‘Ultimate Electrical Fault Analysis For Power Engineering, which is specifically designed for electrical engineering or electrical power engineering students.

You will learn in this course:

  • Meaning of a fault in the electrical system
  • Meaning of overloading in the electrical system
  • Types of faults in the electrical system
  • Classification of faults in the electrical system
  • Difference between symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults
  • Difference between earth and phase faults
  • Classification of faults according to time and number of phases
  • Equations and phasor diagram of a healthy system
  • Equations and phasor diagram of a three-phase fault
  • Equations and phasor diagram of a single line to ground fault
  • Equations and phasor diagram of a line to line fault
  • Equations and phasor diagram of a double line to ground fault
  • Effect of open-circuit fault on electrical power system
  • Current and voltage waveforms in case of an electrical fault
  • Representation of electrical components, reactance diagram, and per-unit system
  • The solution of several examples on per unit system
  • Different reactances in the electrical machine during fault
  • Thevenin method and steps of analyzing symmetrical faults
  • The solution of many examples on symmetrical faults
  • Conversion of the unbalanced system in symmetrical faults into balanced systems
  • Modeling different components for reactance diagram
  • Example on drawing the reactance diagram of +ve, -ve, and zero sequences
  • Equivalent circuits for different fault types
  • Solution of examples on unsymmetrical faults in the power system

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

See you in our course 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone or Electrical Engineering Student who wants to start gaining knowledge about power system faults and their types.


  • Just PC or Mobile or Tablet to view lectures online

Last Updated 7/2021


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